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Go team venture! [Oct. 19th, 2009|09:01 am]
rebb against the machine!
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The triumphant return of Venture Bros did not dissapoint!

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Set iPod to RANDOM!!! [Sep. 28th, 2009|09:20 am]
rebb against the machine!
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[music |I am the Resurrection - Stone Roses]

1. My God the Seahawks uni's were awful, I directly blame the loss on the uniforms.

2. As much as I love the NFL as a sports provider, I hate the NFL as a business. Every year each team has to have alternate jerseys and throwback uniforms etc. All of it is essentially so that the NFL can sell more stuff, auction it off, or donate it to charity to keep up a good image. Did you know that each player has a brand new uniform for each game they play. All those uniforms are sold and auctioned off. The money goes to the league, not the player.

3. shanty consoled me by pointing out that the Bears have those god awful orange uni's.

4. Listening to Sugar's "Copper Blue" now, I'm really surprised I didn't like it more than I did 15 years ago.

5. I was really happy with "The Simpsons" last night. For the first time in a very long time, they chose one story line and stuck with it through the whole episode.

6. "Alice in Chains" new album comes out tomorrow. I will be purchasing it over my lunch hour. I don't like purchasing whole albums for download form iTunes. I like having all the album insert material, I like have something tangible for the money I spent, and I don't fully trust iTunes.

7. Holy Crap, Roman Polanski just got arrested on the underage sex charges from the '70s.

8. I'm not happy the summer is just about gone, but I am pretty happy that I won't have to be mowing my lawn to many more times.

9. Lot's of tracks that I have on my iPod seem to be recorded at different volume levels. This causes me to turn it way up for one song and then quickly turn it down when the next song comes on blaringly loud. Am I doing something wrong when I put the songs into iTunes? Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

10. How come it always feels like a list is short if there are not at least 10 items on it?

Note: For added entertainment value, feel free to read item #10 in your best 60-Minutes Andy Rooney voice.
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New Shows [Sep. 25th, 2009|10:05 am]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |Just - Radiohead]

So the new season has started and I watched way more of it than I intended too, but hey... I just didn't have that much going on these past two weeks.

Modern Family - It was funny enough, but I don't see myself watching it every week. The best stuff was the gay couple, but those jokes could wear a little thin over the course of a season. i do dig Ed O'Neal though. I never really liked "Married with Children", but he just makes such a convincing father.

Cougar Town - This was much funnier than I expected it to be. If this one turns out to have legs, you can pretty much see how they are setting it up. At some point, she will end up having a relationship with the neighbor that she hates. Cox came off as just enough Monica for us to be comfortable with her character but not so much it feels like a rerun. The son is great as well, trying to deal with a mother having what amounts to a midlife crisis.

Eastwick - So I imagine the meeting went something along the lines of "That Desperate Housewife's show is really popular, we should do something like that." "Couldn't agree more Johnson, but it has to be different. Let's add magic and jump on the remake bandwagon at the same time!" This show was mediocre at best and god bless Rebbecca Romain, but she's just not a very good actress. Granted this was a pure setup type of episode, the previews for future episodes looked kind of funny.

Community - K and I loved this show. Granted, we are pretty big Joel McCale (sp?) fans from The Soup so we are kind of biased. Also, it's great to see Chevy Chase. He did a great job in "Chuck" last year and so far he's been great in this show as well. As a whole, it's got a great up tempo banter to it that makes it fun and engaging to watch. BTW, the foreign student with Aspergers steals every scene that he's in.

FlashForward- Wow, talk about not living up to the hype. This premier did not deliver for me at all. The main lead is way to moody for me to care about (oh, and apparently he has the built in character flaw of being an alcoholic. Sorry writers, you need to try harder than that, plus no one will ever do it better than Dennis Leary on "Rescue Me".) He basically comes off as Dt. Scanlen from "Law & Order: SVU", he even kind of looks like him. The only good scene for me was watching the one dude walking around while everyone else was passed out. As a matter of fact, the best thing about the show was the commercial for the new "V" series that they ran. It looks better than I expected.
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SON OF A.... [Aug. 31st, 2009|10:52 am]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |You Could Be Mine - GnR]

Disney just bought Marvel Comics (and the right to all if its characters).

Rebb is less than happy about this.
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nice [Aug. 27th, 2009|03:23 pm]
rebb against the machine!
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[music |All Washed Up - The Urge]

Alice in Chains is the featured article on Wikipedia today.
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Times they are a changing... [Aug. 27th, 2009|09:46 am]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |Space Lord - Monster Magnet]

So 15 years ago (I hate typing that) when the band I played in during high school wanted to record some original stuff, it consisted of using a 4 track recorder on to cassette tapes. The process was fun, don't get me wrong, but the whole concept of home recording was still just a dream without sinking some serious money into it.

Fast forward today. I have a computer that I built out of spare parts I had lying around, a copy of Sonar 7 and 8 that I "borrowed" from the internet and Line6 toneport interface that allows me to emulate an almost limitless number of amps, effect, and microphones. I'm really close to being able to record and produce tracks at will for my own entertainment. The only thing holding me back is just how friggen complex the recording software it. I've been fucking around with MIDI drivers and settings for a couple of hours in the evening (the manuals assured me that MIDI was "easy") and learning how to use the drum emulator really well.

I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing.
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let's take a look, shall we? [Aug. 21st, 2009|09:26 am]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |Don't Follow - Alice in Chains]

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the sign in this picture. Here are the things that I love about it:

- Sports Nuts, are apparently going to hell.
- It's very anti-woman. I love the fact that both "lewd" and "Rebellious" women are called out. It has always been really entertaining to me how afraid of women ultra conservative religious groups are. At the same time, I feel sorry for the kid, as if his chances of ever getting laid aren't bad enough, he has to ignore the "rebellious and lewd" women as well. Statistically speaking, they are his best shot.;)
- Why are there letters missing from "False Religion"?
- "Pot Smoking Little Devils". So are all the other pot smokers okay?
- Along the same vein, "Child Molesting Homosexuals". So apparently you can be one or the other... but not both.
- "Atheists" is in the smalled type on the sign. Which kind of makes sense, because if there is anyone who is not gong to care about God's Judgment, it's them, so why waste the effort and ink shouting at them. On the other hand, you think people who don't believe in God would be the biggest target of a religious group who are trying to save your soul.

However, my absolute favorite thing about the sign, is the fact that "Mormons" is on the bottom right and in the same font and color as "Sex Addicts".

fyi... I'm sure the person making the sign didn't do it on purpose, but studies have shown that when people look at a page/sign/screen, they look at it diagonally from top left to bottom right, making those to places the strongest to place statements and main points. Think about that when you check out ads in magazines and billboards.
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To continue on the topic... [Aug. 11th, 2009|02:10 pm]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |Grape Vine Fires - Death Cab for Cutie]

A while ago, I posted about how beautifully structured, written, and produced, the first album by Boston is.

bigmo76 followed that up about a month ago by calling out "Hitch a Ride" as a perfect song.

So on that vein, I am going to propose that "Grape Vine Fires" by Death Cab for Cutie is also a perfect song. I can listed to that piece of music repeatedly.
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BTW... [Jul. 30th, 2009|04:41 pm]
rebb against the machine!
[Current Location |The officle]
[music |Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand]

New Alice in Chains album in 2 months. I don't even know what to do with myself between now and then.
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This is totally how I feel sometimes.... [Jul. 29th, 2009|12:12 pm]
rebb against the machine!
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[music |Regrets - Ben Folds Five]

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